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The ability to do work is
a) friction
b) transformation
c) electricity
d) energy

On a Roller Coaster ride, the car has the most POTENTIAL energy
a) at the top of the hill
b) halfway up the hill
c) halfway down the hill
d) bottom of the hill

A car battery on a shelf in a store has
a) kenetic energy
b) radiant energy
c) potential energy
d) thermal energy

As potential energy in a falling object begins to decrease,
a) it is gone forever
b) the Earths total supply of potential energy decreases
c) it changes into kinetic energy
d) it keeps decreasing by half

Some radiant energy comes from
a) the Earths core
b) the sun
c) the splitting of an atom
d) the movement of molecules

Under ordinary circumstances, energy can do all of the following EXCEPT
a) change from radiant to thermal energy
b) travel long distances
c) change from kinetic to potential
d) be created

A form of energy that uses waves to travel is
a) radiant energy
b) mechanical energy
c) chemical energy
d) thermal energy

To check for cavities, dentists use
a) a microwave
b) radio waves
c) X-rays
d) gamma rays

The only radiant energy you can see it
a) visible light
b) gamma rays
c) ultraviolet rays
d) radio waves

When you ring a bell, you change a form of energy into
a) radiant energy
b) thermal energy
c) sound energy
d) chemical energy

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