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Which amendment gave Congress the power to tax incomes?
a) 1st amendment
b) 5th amendment
c) 14th amendment
d) 16th amendment

Which of the following is a power that the legislative branch has according to the Constitution?
a) Declare laws unconstitutional
b) Command the armed forces
c) Declare war
d) Make treaties with foreign countries

How many members are in the House of Representatives?
a) 50
b) 270
c) 100
d) 435

How many members are in the United States Senate?
a) 50
b) 270
c) 100
d) 435

What type of legislature is Congress?
a) Biennial
b) Bicameral
c) Annual
d) Semi-annual

What type of budget does the legislative branch approve for the federal government?
a) Annual budget
b) Biennial budget
c) Bicameral budget
d) Semi-annual budget

The two houses of Congress are the --
a) legislative and executive houses.
b) Senate and House of Delegates.
c) state and federal government.
d) Senate and House of Representatives.

The lawmaking body of the national government is known as --
a) the President.
b) Congress.
c) the Supreme Court.
d) the General Assembly.

The main job of the legislative branch of the national government is to --
a) make laws for Virginia.
b) interpret federal law.
c) prepare the budget for approval.
d) make laws for the nation.

The power of the national government is distributed among all of the following branches EXCEPT -
a) Legislative Branch
b) Administrative Branch
c) Executive Branch
d) Judicial Branch

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