Islam Versus Christendom 2 Question Preview (ID: 1472)

Review Of Chapter 10.

The Muslim's term for "holy war" is __________ .
a) crusades
b) jihad
c) Hegira
d) hajj

Mohammed's flight from Mecca in 622 is called the __________ .
a) alms
b) saqat
c) Ramadan
d) Hegira

Arab nomads are called __________ .
a) Bedouins
b) Muslims
c) Ottoman Turks
d) Seljuk Turks

The holy book of Islam is called the __________ .
a) Bible
b) Writings of Mohammed
c) Koran
d) none of the above

The __________ Crusade was made up mostly of simple farmers.
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Peasant's

Richard the Lion-Hearted helped to lead the __________ Crusade, which was also called the "Crusade of Kings".
a) Fourth
b) Third
c) Second
d) First

The successful __________ Crusade recaptured Asia Minor and took Jerusalem.
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

Mohammed's first jihad occured in __________ .
a) 732
b) 570
c) 630
d) 800

The Catholic Church officially split into the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches in __________ .
a) 1099
b) 1054
c) 1202
d) 1321

The Ottoman Turks, led by Mohammed II, captured Constantinople in __________ .
a) 1321
b) 1284
c) 1492
d) 1453

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