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Which of the following is NOT a strategy for evaluating campaign material?
a) Separating fact from opinion.
b) Evaluating sources.
c) Identifying propaganda.
d) Broadcasting different points of view.

What term indicates a one sided point of view?
a) Evaluate
b) Propaganda
c) Bias
d) Advertisement

The mass media includes all of the following EXCEPT --
a) telephone.
b) newspaper.
c) radio.
d) television.

The mass media should broadcast --
a) only liberal views.
b) only conservative views.
c) different points of view.
d) only one point of view.

Which is NOT an example of a role of the media in elections?
a) Publishing op-ed pieces
b) Paying for campaign advertisements
c) Creating political cartoons
d) Identifying candidates and issues

What group forms from interest groups to help provide funds to candidates during campaigns?
a) PFB (Public Finance Bureau)
b) PACs (Presidential Action Committees)
c) PACS (Party Action Committees)
d) PACs (Political ACtion Commitees)

Issue oriented special interest groups have more influence because of --
a) the rise of liberal voters.
b) rising campaign costs.
c) the increase of younger voters.
d) the cost of living in the United States.

The cost of running for office gives an advantage to --
a) candidates from third parties.
b) candidates who speak multiple languages.
c) lower income people who run for office.
d) wealthy people who run for office.

The opportunity for people to run for office is more limited due to --
a) voter registration laws.
b) increased fundraising efforts.
c) rising campaign costs.
d) lack of interest.

Advertisements, posters, and other campaign materials used to influence voters is known as --
a) bias.
b) propaganda.
c) editorials.
d) liberals.

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