The Cay Chps. 15-19 Question Preview (ID: 14710)

Multiple Choice Questions.[print questions]

How did Timothy protect Phillip from the storm?
a) He tied himself and Phillip to a palm tree with Timothy behind Phillip.
b) He took Phillip to the cave.
c) Timothy tied the raft behind Phillip

What happened to Timothy during the storm?
a) a shark bit his leg
b) a large piece of driftwood cut his arm
c) his backside was cut and bleeding from the sand and sea grape that hit him during the storm

What happened to Timothy after the storm?
a) He died.
b) He was okay.
c) He fixed the shelter again.

Why did the bird attack Phillip?
a) Phillip stepped on the nest and broke an egg.
b) The hurricane made the birds protective on the island.
c) A mother bird had lost its baby.
d) Phi

How did Phillip catch the lobsters?
a) with a stick
b) with a net
c) in a cage

How did Phillip get hurt?
a) He twisted his ankle in a deep hole.
b) A sea gull pecked his face.
c) A moray eel bit his arm.

Why did the first plane not see Phillip's signal fire?
a) The plane was too far away.
b) The smoke was white.
c) The smoke went behind the palm trees.

What did Phillip decide to burn to make the smoke black?
a) driftwood
b) palm fronds
c) sea grape
d) coconuts

When Phillip was rescued, what was the only item he wanted from the island?
a) Timothy's knife
b) sea shells
c) a carving he had made

How would Phillip know his little island when he returned?
a) by closing his eyes and feeling it
b) He had a map of where he was.
c) The coast guard would take him.

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