Islam Versus Christendom 1 Question Preview (ID: 1471)

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The new religion that developed in Arabia about 600 years after Christ was__________ .
a) Zoroastrianism
b) Islam
c) Hinduism
d) Judaism

Followers of this new religion were called __________ .
a) Meccans
b) Bedouins
c) Hegiras
d) Muslims

Mohammed was born in __________ .
a) Medina
b) Mecca
c) Yathrib
d) Antioch

The god of the Mulims is __________ .
a) God
b) Buddha
c) Allah
d) Baal

The city of Yathrib, which accepted Mohammed and his new religion, was later called __________ .
a) Medina
b) Antioch
c) Umayyad
d) Baghdad

Mohammed's successors were called __________ .
a) muezzin
b) Ottomans
c) caliphs
d) Seljuks

The __________ conquered the Middle East in the 11th century and became fanatical followers of Islam.
a) Meccans
b) Seljuk Turks
c) Ottoman Turks
d) crusaders

The Turk's victory at the Battle of __________ in 1071 put Asia Minor under Muslim control.
a) Tours
b) Manzikert
c) Poitiers
d) Constantinople

The pope who started the crusades was __________ .
a) Comnenus
b) Eugenius III
c) Innocent III
d) Urban II

The Muslim leader who reconquered Jerusalem in 1187 was __________ .
a) Ali
b) Saladin
c) Mohammed II
d) Jabar

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