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How did Phillip feel about Timothy?
a) like he was different-to be avoided
b) like he was lucky
c) glad he was there to take care of him
d) as a best friend

Where was Timothy from?
a) Africa
b) St. Thomas
c) Florida

What did Phillip and Timothy eat for breakfast?
a) biscuits
b) fish
c) candy
d) a sea gull

What was wrong with Phillip when he woke up?
a) his arm ached
b) He could not see.
c) He was sunburned.

What did Timothy do to get the attention of the airplane?
a) shot a flare
b) waved a cloth with fire
c) yelled and waved a red flag

What did Timothy warn Phillip to always be careful of?
a) sharks
b) jellyfish
c) an octopus
d) stingrays

What did Timothy say was bad luck?
a) walking under a ladder
b) the cat
c) breaking a mirror

How was Phillip able to "see?"
a) through the crack in his eyelids
b) He rubbed salt water in his eyes.
c) Timothy told him what he saw.

What did Timothy see about 2 miles away?
a) a boat
b) a small island
c) storm clouds

What was on the island?
a) people
b) water and food
c) shelter
d) sea grape and palm trees

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