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How did the black man protect them from the hot sun while in the raft?
a) He nailed some boards together to build a shelter.
b) He built a top from his pants and shirt and Phillips' pants
c) He pulled a piece of canvas from the emergency pack and built a top.

How was Phillip hurt?
a) hit in the head
b) cut his leg
c) broke his arm

When Phillip woke up, who was with him?
a) the captain of the S.S.Hato
b) his mother
c) a large black man

What happened to the S.S. Empire Tern?
a) It hit a sand bar and couldn't move.
b) It was lost at sea.
c) The submarines bombed it.
d) It ran out of fuel.

What supplies were getting low on the island?
a) fresh water and vegetables
b) ammunition
c) meat
d) medicine

What did Phillip's mother want to do?
a) talk to his dad about the fighting
b) sleep on the couch
c) play at the fort
d) go back to Norfolk, Virginia

Where had Phillip lived before moving to the island?
a) in the Netherlands
b) California
c) Virginia
d) Germany

What kind of job did Phillip's dad have?
a) He worked in the oil refinery trying to increase the production of aviation gas.
b) He had a large plantation that grew sugar cane.
c) He owned a chain of hotels.
d) He was a captain on a tanker.

Where does the story take place?
a) Hawaii
b) Aruba
c) on the island of Curacao
d) in the Bahamas

What did Phillip and Henrik like to play?
a) cops and robbers
b) cowboys and Indians
c) firemen
d) pirates

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