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Which two people get their positions through the electoral college?
a) Senators and Representatives
b) Mayors and City Council
c) The President and Vice President
d) The Governor and the Lieutenant Governor

What number is needed to win the Electoral College?
a) 100
b) 270
c) 435
d) 538

The slate of electors for each state is chosen by --
a) Electoral college
b) Lottery
c) Popular vote
d) Primary election

Most states have a --
a) split decision making.
b) coin toss.
c) dance off to determine winner.
d) winner take all system.

Virginia has 11 Representatives and 2 Senators. How many electoral votes does Virginia get?
a) 2 votes
b) 11 votes
c) 5 votes
d) 13 votes

The number of electors is based on ---
a) congressional representation.
b) popular vote.
c) size of state.
d) the population of the largest city in the state.

The electoral college system causes candidates to target --
a) only liberal voters.
b) large population states.
c) small population states.
d) college students.

If a person does not get a majority in the Electoral College vote, winner is determined by --
a) coin toss.
b) age of candidates.
c) vote of members in Congress.
d) current President will remain.

Which state currently has the most electoral college votes?
a) Florida
b) Alaska
c) Texas
d) California

Popular vote is the --
a) vote of popular members of Congress.
b) vote of the people.
c) vote of the Governors of each state.
d) vote of the political parties.

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