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Who can participate in primary and general elections?
a) Any person over the age of 16
b) Legal residents over the age of 18
c) Any person over the age of 18
d) All citizens who register

How old does a person need to register to vote in Virginia?
a) 21 years
b) 16 years
c) 18 years
d) 20 years

Which of the following is NOT a way you can register to vote in Virginia?
a) In person at the DMV
b) In person at the local elementary school
c) Main in application
d) In person at the registrar's office

How many days before an election is registration closed in Virginia?
a) 29 days
b) 15 days
c) 20 days
d) 22 days

Which of the following is not a major factor predicting voter turnout?
a) Age
b) Income
c) Marital status
d) Education

Which of the following are the two major reasons why people fail to vote?
a) Lack of interest and failure to register
b) Failure to obtain a driver's license and credit card
c) Failure to participate and high school graduation
d) Lack of interest and apathy

Which election do most voters turn out to participate in?
a) Senatorial
b) Presidential
c) Electoral
d) Gubernatorial

Voting is a ---
a) Duty
b) Residential
c) Merger
d) Responsibility

Which of the following is NOT a qualification to register to vote in Virginia?
a) Citizen of the United States
b) Legal alien
c) Resident of Virginia and precinct
d) 18 years of age by the election

The precinct is --
a) the location where a person goes to vote.
b) the location where a political party meets.
c) the location where a person gets a driver's license.
d) the location where the registrar's office is located.

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