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The _____ have been painted blue.
a) shelf's
b) shelfs
c) shelves
d) shelfs'

The _____ clothes were filthy after they played in the mud.
a) childrens'
b) childrens's
c) childrens
d) children's

My _____ house is in Ohio.
a) parents
b) parents's
c) parent
d) parents'

My uncle ____ favorite game is golf.
a) Daves
b) Dave
c) Dave's
d) Daves's

It was my _____ two homerun that won the game.
a) teams
b) teams'
c) teams's
d) team's

All of the _____ webs in the barn were intricate and beautiful.
a) spideres
b) spiders'
c) spiders
d) spiders's

All of the _____ placed their shoes in the cubbies while they played.
a) girls
b) girls's
c) girl's
d) girls'

The _____ legs were uneven.
a) table's
b) tables'
c) tables
d) tables's

_____ car needed the breaks replaced.
a) Mrs. Smiths's
b) Mrs. Smith's
c) Mrs. Smiths
d) Mrs. Smiths'

Those are my _____ over there.
a) boots'
b) boots's
c) boots
d) boot's

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