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Any permanent change in the DNA sequence is a ____.
a) mutation
b) uracil
c) gamete
d) zygote

chromosomes replicate during ____.
a) interphase
b) telophase
c) prophase
d) cytiokinesis

What are the correct base pairings in DNA?
a) A-T and C-G
b) G-U and T-A
c) A-U and C-G
d) C-T and G-A

Which of the following tells you that the cell is in telophase?
a) two nuclei, one at each pole
b) centrioles move to the poles
c) chromatids line up in the center
d) chromatids move apart

The following would be a nucleotide found in RNA.
a) phosphate, adenine, and ribose
b) phosphate, thymine, and ribose
c) phosphate, uracil, and deoxyribose
d) phosphate, adenine, and deoxyribose

Along with Crick and Watson, _____ won the Nobel Prize.
a) Wilkins
b) Einstein
c) Gregor
d) Franklin

The bases of the DNA molecule bond with a ____ bond.
a) hydrogen
b) oxygen
c) phosphate
d) nitrogen

The ___ takes the message to the ribosome telling it what protein to produce.
a) mRNA
b) nRNA
c) tRNA
d) rRNA

Along the rails of DNA and RNA, the bases attach at the ____.
a) sugars
b) phosphates
c) hydrogen
d) nucleotide

___ contain information for making specific proteins.
a) Genes
b) pRNA
c) Amino acids
d) Traits

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