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Which sentence demonstrates correct subject-verb agreement?
a) A tent and a sleeping bag are the proper equipment.
b) There is surprisingly few children in the neighborhood.
c) The school board meet in the auditorium every week.
d) The class are starting a campus clean-up campaign.

One type has pits that are rimmed with ragged material ejected from the crater. What does ejected mean in this sentence?
a) expelled
b) captured
c) included
d) completed

Twelve particles actually penetrated the top layer of the protective shield of the spacecraft. The word penetrated shows the reader that the spacecraft:
a) was damaged
b) broke apart
c) traveled at high speed
d) photographed the comet

Obviously his formula worked. In this sentence what does formula mean?
a) humorous
b) famous
c) intentionally designed
d) full of meaning

Which word contains the same root word as successful?
a) access
b) succeed
c) stressful
d) accused

He couldn't _______ that the child completed the difficult task.
a) beleive
b) beleived
c) believe
d) believed

The baseball player ___________ safely into second base.
a) slid
b) slided
c) slider
d) sliding

I planned to display our family's Mexican flag during my presentation, but my little brother ______________ it when he was showing it off to his friends.
a) loosed
b) lose
c) loser
d) lost

Eventually running became my favorite pastime in nice weather. What is the subject of the sentence?
a) running
b) favorite
c) pastime
d) weather

Which sentence uses the correct verb tense?
a) We shopping after school tomorrow.
b) We had shopped after school tomorrow.
c) We went shopping after school tomorrow.
d) We will go shopping after school tomorrow.

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