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What is the term for a feature that allows an organism to survive better in its environment?
a) variation
b) adaptation
c) homologous structure
d) vestigial structure

All the individuals of a species that live in a particular area are called a
a) variation
b) population
c) fossil
d) group

The remnant of an organ that had a function in an early ancestor is known as a(n)
a) vestigial structure
b) homologous structure
c) analogous structure
d) fossil

What observations did Charles Darwin make about finches in the Galápagos Islands?
a) The same species of finches lived on all the islands.
b) Different species of finches lived on different islands.
c) Various species of finches lived on just one of the islands.
d) Identical species of finches lived in South America.

Which theory states that floods and earthquakes have occurred often in Earth’s history?
a) uniformitarianism
b) natural selection
c) catastrophism
d) artificial selection

What is the process in which humans breed organisms for certain traits?
a) natural selection
b) inheritance of acquired characteristics
c) artificial selection
d) descent without modification

Individuals that are well adapted to their environment will survive and produce
a) fewer mutations.
b) more offspring.
c) stronger genes.
d) better traits.

Natural selection results in change overtime by acting on traits that are
a) heritable.
b) new.
c) mutated.
d) better.

What is the study of the distribution of organisms around the world?
a) paleontology
b) geography
c) geology
d) biogeography

Fossil evidence shows that structures considered vestigial in living organisms
a) are not found in ancient organisms.
b) have always been vestigial.
c) were useful to their ancestors.
d) do not fill gaps in the fossil record.

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