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A hurricane can be up to
a) 300 or more miles wide
b) less than 300 miles but more than 250 miles wide
c) less than 250 miles but more than 200 miles wide
d) less than 200 but more than 150 miles wide

How clear the eye is in a hurricane shows
a) how strong it is
b) how much rain you can expect
c) how much wind you can expect
d) which direction the hurricane is travelling

A hurricane starts as
a) a low pressure storm off the coast of Africa
b) a low pressure storm off the coast of Europe
c) a low pressure storm off the coast of South America
d) a low pressure storm of the coast of North America

A hurricane's rain bands are made of
a) many cumulonimbus clouds
b) many nimbostratus clouds
c) many cumulus clouds
d) many tornado clouds

A hurricane is
a) a slow mover, so you know it's coming
b) a fast mover, so you have to be ready quick
c) tracked only with satellites
d) tracked only with a special plane

Which pressure would create the strongest hurricane?
a) 950 mb
b) 975 mb
c) 1050 mb
d) 1065 mb

The area of the hurricane that has the highest winds is called...
a) the eye wall
b) the eye
c) rain bands
d) cumulonimbus zone

Hurricanes are...
a) low pressure storms that form over warm ocean water
b) low pressure storms that form over Africa
c) high pressure systems that bring a lot of wind and rain
d) small, powerful systems that bring wind and rain

What does a hurricane need to form?
a) all of the above
b) warm water
c) light winds
d) winds coming together to push air up

The effect of wind deflected due to the earth's rotation and helps shape a hurricane is called...
a) coreolis effect
b) saffir-simpson effect
c) category effect
d) wind effect

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