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Which was NOT a source of Charles Darwin’s ideas about evolution?
a) the writings of Thomas Malthus and Charles Lyell
b) Darwin’s observations of the Galápagos finches
c) the selective breeding practices of farmers and breeders
d) scientific discoveries about DNA and genetic changes

A spider may produce hundreds of eggs, only a few of which may survive. This is an example of
a) overproduction.
b) speciation.
c) genetic change.
d) division.

The trace remains of an organism that lived long ago, most commonly preserved in sedimentary rock, are a
a) mineral.
b) layer.
c) fossil.
d) sediment.

Populations of all species are limited by
a) starvation, disease, competition, and predation.
b) genetic change, speciation, adaptation, and separation.
c) natural selection, evolution, and division.
d) breeding, selection, sediment, and ancestry.

Which of the following is NOT an example of natural selection?
a) elephants passing the tuskless trait to their offspring
b) male birds developing extremely colorful displays of feathers
c) insects developing pesticide resistance
d) dog owners breeding their pets to produce friendlier offspring

Which of the following features did whales possibly inherit from a four-legged ancestor?
a) legs
b) hip bones
c) gills
d) hind limbs

What is a group of organisms that can mate with one another to produce fertile offspring a definition of?
a) community
b) species
c) adaptation
d) ecosystem

What is a timeline of life provided by the remains or imprints of dead organisms called?
a) natural selection
b) fossils
c) population
d) fossil record

Who is the naturalist who proposed that evolution happens through natural selection?
a) Marie Curie
b) Kerry Ozmelek
c) Charles Darwin
d) Gregor Mendel

The process consisting of overproduction, inherited variation, the struggle to survive, and successful reprodution is:
a) natural selection
b) selective breeding
c) speciation
d) genetics

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