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Over time, animals may change behavior or physical appearance in response to changes in the environment. What is this called?
a) adaptation
b) genetic variation
c) genetic change
d) resistance

What is the process by which organisms that are better adapted to their environment survive and reproduce more successfully than less well adapted organisms do?
a) species separation
b) genetic resistance
c) genetic change
d) natural selection

Many insects can adapt very quickly to insecticides because
a) the insects form separate species.
b) the insects' generation time is short.
c) the insects have rigid exoskeletons.
d) the insects' genetic structure is stable.

What evidence of natural selection is available today that was not available to Darwin?
a) Organisms inherit traits.
b) Differences in genes create variation.
c) Humans can breed organisms for specific traits.
d) There is great variation among organisms.

The process by which populations slowly change over time is called
a) selective breeding.
b) adaptation.
c) speciation.
d) evolution.

What process often begins by a portion of a population becoming physically or geographically separated?
a) speciation
b) selective breeding
c) genetic change
d) resistance

A characteristic that can be passed from parent to offspring through genes is called a
a) resistance.
b) sediment.
c) genetic change.
d) trait.

What process would farmers use to produce vegetables that will grow in a specific climate?
a) natural selection
b) evolution
c) selective breeding
d) isolation

When certain genes make organisms more likely to survive and reproduce, which process can occur?
a) adaptation
b) selection
c) selected breeding
d) isolation

Scientists compare organisms’ DNA to support the theory that all species share a common
a) separation.
b) ancestor.
c) population.
d) environment.

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