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Which word has a spelling error?
a) mystery
b) physics
c) rhythm
d) symply

Which word is spelled correctly?
a) receeeved
b) received
c) recevied
d) recieved

Which sentence uses correct punctuation?
a) To make the cupcakes we need: flour sugar butter and eggs.
b) To make the cupcakes: we need flour sugar, butter and eggs.
c) To make the cupcakes, we need many ingredients, flour sugar butter and eggs.
d) To make the cupcakes, we need these ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, and eggs.

We saw a family of ducks when we went to the park. Which part of the sentence is a prepositional phrase?
a) We saw
b) a family
c) when we went
d) to the park.

How do the words quiet and solemn differ?
a) Quiet means making little sound, but solemn means making no sound.
b) Solemn means being serious, but quiet means making no sound.
c) Quiet means making no sound, but solemn means making some sound.
d) Solemn means making little sound, but quiet means trying ot make no sound.

A player is a part of a team in the same way that a musician is part of an__________.
a) instrument
b) album
c) orchestra
d) event

The alligator lay silent on the river like a floating gray log.- which literary device is used in this sentence?
a) simile
b) symbolism
c) alliteration
d) personification

Which sentence contains an example of figurative language?
a) We rowed a long distance to reach our destination.
b) The morning sun peered over the mountains with a shy gaze.
c) Loaded with passengers, the train traveled up the incline.
d) The winners were announced at the evening banquet.

In a few days our class VISITS the Witte Museum. What is the correct very to use in place of the verb in all caps?
a) visit
b) has visited
c) visited
d) will visit

A driver's license or two other forms of identification ____ required. Which word best completes the blank in the sentence?
a) is
b) be
c) are
d) am

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