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The yowling yellow cat sat on the steps of the house. What technique is used in the sentence?
a) assonance
b) onomatopoeia
c) alliteration
d) dissonance

My roots are deep in this earth. Is an example of?
a) metaphor
b) alliteration
c) irony
d) personification

I have flourished in this garden. What does flourished mean in this sentence?
a) blossomed
b) shriveled
c) collapsed
d) brightened

What is the best way to combine the following sentences: The plants are not large. The plants are very healthy.
a) The plants are not large, nor they are very healthy.
b) The plants are not large, because they are very healthy.
c) The plants are not large, but they are very healthy.
d) The plants are not large, and the plants are very healthy.

Still, some places in the country resisted the railroad's plan and remained with local time.How should the sentence be corrected?
a) Change country to Country
b) Change resisted to resist.
c) Change railroad's to railroad
d) Leave as is.

Read the sentence: I must prefer walking to the store than driving. Which details offers the weakest support for this argument?
a) I really hate getting stuck in traffic.
b) My legs feel great after the excercise.
c) Moving my body puts me in a great mood.
d) Walking to the store is not the faster way.

Which source would provide the best information about wildlife in Australia?
a) Traveling to Australia
b) Australian Outback Map
d) Inernational Wildlife Magazine

Which source would be the best for locating multiple magazine articles on a single research topic?
a) the Encycopedia Britannica
b) the World Almanac and Book of Facts
c) the Webster's Biographical Dictionary
d) the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

Which is a correct rule to use when preparing a bibliography/reference page?
a) Put citations in alphabetical order by author's last names.
b) Begin all citations by listing the title of the book.
c) List all the books by an author whether they were cited in the report or not.
d) Give the year of publication right after the author's name.

Which group of letters make the sound shun?
a) tin
b) tion
c) toin
d) ton

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