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Water is extracted from digested food in the body primarily by the
a) large intestine
b) small intestine
c) mouth
d) stomach

Where does the process of chemical digestion begin?
a) stomach
b) small intestine
c) mouth
d) large intestine

A thermostat is a good example of a(an)
a) hormone-receptor complex.
b) feedback system.
c) prostaglandin
d) exocrine gland.

The endocrine system is made up of
a) prostaglandins
b) hormones
c) glands
d) intestines

Which gland fails to produce enough of its hormone in the disease diabetes mellitus?
a) adrenal
b) hypothalamus
c) pancreas
d) parathyroid

Testosterone is needed for the development of
a) eggs
b) sperm
c) uterus
d) all of the above

Specialized sex cells are known as
a) gametes
b) gonads
c) organs
d) glands

Which of the following is NOT a function of the female reproductive system?
a) to produce eggs
b) to prepare the body to carry an embryo
c) to deliver sperm
d) to release eggs into the Fallopian tubes

One menstrual cycle usually lasts about a
a) month
b) day
c) year
d) hour

Where does fertilization usually occur?
a) Fallopian tube
b) uterus
c) vagina
d) ovary

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