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Why were plantations in the SE region rather than the NE region?
a) The Southeast region had flat land and a good climate for growing crops.
b) The Southeast region made more money on crops than the Northeast region.
c) The Southeast region had more land.
d) The Southeast region had slaves.

Which of the following is NOT true about slave life on a plantation?
a) Slaves always worked on the same plantation as their family members.
b) Slaves often told folktales and made instruments for fun.
c) Slaves worked in the fields or in the plantation house doing chores.
d) Slaves usually recevied hand-me-down clothes.

What is the capital of South Carolina?
a) Columbia
b) Myrtle Beach
c) Raleigh
d) Charleston

What is the abbreviation for Mississippi?
a) MS
b) MA
c) MP
d) MI

Who did the Trail of Tears affect?
a) The Cherokee
b) The Ojibwa
c) The Potowatomi
d) The Naranganset

Why did the Trail of Tears occur?
a) Georgians wanted the Cherokee land for themselves
b) The Supreme Court said the Cherokee should leave
c) The Cherokee wanted to leave their land
d) Georgians were mean

What physical feature of New Orleans made Hurricane Katrina such a disaster?
a) All of the above
b) New Orleans is next to the Mississippi River and Lake Ponchartrain
c) New Orleans is by the Gulf of Mexico, where many hurricanes occur
d) New Orleans is below sea level

Which of the following is NOT a physical feature of the Southeast Region?
a) Chesapeake Bay
b) The Piedmont
c) The Gulf of Mexico
d) The Appalachian Mountains

Which of the following is NOT a physical feature of the Southeast Region?
a) The Rocky Mountains
b) The Fall Line
c) The Outer Coastal Plain
d) The Inner Costal Plain

Which of the following is NOT a physical feature that the Southeast Region and Michigan have in common?
a) Ocean
b) Wetlands
c) Peninsulas
d) Plains

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