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One way to choose what’s next in your life is to define your
a) Values
b) Choices
c) Challanges
d) Actions

Which of the following is an example of someone who is not aligning their actions with their values?
a) The mother who values her family time even though her career requires her to routinely work late and
b) The father who says his children are important to him and continues to support them even after being
c) A person who says he is against racism and publicly stands up for a friend who has been offended
d) A person who says health is important to them and has a routine of eating healthy and exercising reg

Which of the following habits can be developed to help you practice being motivated?
a) all are good to encourage modivation
b) Turn down the pressure
c) Turn up the Pressure
d) Compare the payoffs to the costs

Demonstrating a professional work ethic
a) all of these
b) Demonstrates humility
c) Demonstrates initiative
d) Demonstrates competence

How does the textbook suggest we approach the topic of habits?
a) Habits can be created or changed, one small habit at a time.
b) We should understand that people are not responsible for their habits.
c) Habits are often too difficult to change, like quitting smoking or starting an exercise program.
d) We certainly cannot change our nature.

The consequences of cheating are
a) All of these are consequences
b) Cheating lowers your self-concept
c) You learn less
d) You risk failing the course or getting expelled from college

Which is not an example of plagerism
a) Taking direct quote from a source while citing the source
b) using a paper mill
c) Submiting your friends work as your own
d) coping a passage word for word

Which is not a good strategy to promote your motivation to exercise?
a) Reward yourself before you work out.
b) Just start moving; let motivation follow action.
c) Change your thoughts to say, “I love exercise and I love the way it makes me feel.”
d) Tell others that you plan to go to take an aerobics class next semester.

Which of the following is an effective affirmation that promotes positive thinking and behaviors?
a) “I have a wonderful job. I respect and love my colleagues and I look forward to going to work each d
b) “This class is a total waste of time.”
c) “My boss is impossible to please.”
d) “I am not good at math.”

What is the correct definiton for ettiquette?
a) common courtesy
b) demonstrate initiative
c) deminstrate sound judgement
d) having humility

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