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The stored energy in an object is called ______________.
a) conduction
b) temperature
c) potential energy
d) kinetic energy

The back-and-forth movement of matter is called ________________
a) vibration
b) volume
c) temperature
d) pitch

A measure of the average kinetic energy of particles and a way to measure heat is _____________.
a) volume
b) temperature
c) vibration
d) potential energy

When thermal energy is transferred between two objects that are touching, heat moves by __________________.
a) vibration
b) pitch
c) conduction
d) convection

A form of energy that you can see is ______________.
a) light
b) potential energy
c) thermal energy
d) pitch

The loudness of a sound to a listener is the sound's ____________________.
a) potential energy
b) kinetic energy
c) pitch
d) volume

The high or low frequency of sound waves determines ________________'
a) volume
b) pitch
c) sound
d) conduction

Thermal energy produces _______________.
a) heat
b) motion
c) sound
d) sound

The bending of light is called _________________.
a) radiation
b) reflection
c) refraction
d) conductivity

Energy of motion is called _______________.
a) kinetic energy
b) potential energy
c) electrical energy
d) thermal energy

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