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Who was the leader of the Raid on Lawrence?
a) Bill Meade
b) Kate King
c) William C. Quantrill
d) Cavin D. McGraw

Where was did the raid occur?
a) Lawrence
b) Neither 1,2, or 3
c) Abilene
d) Kansas City

What was Quantrill's force called?
a) Guerrillas
b) Abolitionists
c) Raiders
d) Mean people

In what state did the Raid on Lawrence occur?
a) Alabama
b) Mississippi
c) Florida
d) Kansas

Who was the notorious gangster involved in the Raid on Lawrence?
a) Cody Hanna
b) John McKorkle
c) Bob Henningsworth
d) Jesse James

When did the Raid on Lawrence occur?
a) August 21, 1863
b) July 24, 1976
c) June 17, 1865
d) April 4, 2000

What was Quantrill's motive for raiding Lawrence?
a) He was just mean.
b) He didn't like Kansas.
c) Lawrence was known as a abolitionist town.
d) He needed a break from his normal life.

What was Quantrill job before he raided Lawrence?
a) Schoolteacher
b) Thief
c) Salesperson
d) Abolitionist

There were over 1000 people killed during the raid - True or False
a) True
b) False

What was one of the main reasons Quantrill raided Lawrence?
a) Because it was a strong hold for anti-slavery forces.
b) He was on medication that made him crazy.
c) Quantrill thought President Lincoln was in Lawrence.

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