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The limestone towers in Mono Lake, Ca, formed when dissolved minerals re-formed. These towers are made of
a) intrusive igneous rock
b) extrusive igneous rock
c) sedimentary rock
d) metamorphic rock

Material that settles out of wind or water
a) magma
b) sediment
c) fossils
d) lava

This type of rock is made from pieces of rock, mineral, or plant remains and animal remains that have been pressed or cemented together.
a) Intrusive Igneous Rocks
b) Extrusive Igneous Rocks
c) Sedimentary Rocks
d) Metamorphic Rocks

Coal is made from the remains of
a) plants
b) shells
c) rocks
d) minerals

Wind moved layers of sand along as ancient sand dunes. These sand dunes were preserved as rock. This is an example of how sedimentary rock can record information about
a) past temperature conditions
b) past climate conditions
c) metamorphic changes
d) mineral recrystallization

These types of rocks form by weathering processes which break down rocks into pebble, sand, or clay particles by exposure to wind, ice, and water.
a) Igneous Rocks
b) Clastic Sedimentary Rocks
c) Non-Clastic Sedimentary Rocks
d) Metamorphic Rocks

These types of rocks are formed when minerals precipitate out of water
a) Igneous Rocks
b) Clastic Sedimentary Rocks
c) Non-Clastic Sedimentary Rocks
d) Metamorphic Rocks

Compaction and cementation are two common processes associated with
a) metamorphism.
b) sedimentation.
c) transportation
d) none of these

Which of these is a sedimentary rock?
a) granite
b) gneiss
c) sandstone
d) basalt

Sedimentary rocks usually form around
a) the inner core of Earth
b) in space
c) near water
d) on mountain tops

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