Human Systems Review #4 Question Preview (ID: 1468)

Human Systems Review #4.

Air is forced into the lungs by the contraction of the
a) alveoli
b) lungs
c) diaphragm
d) heart

Because there is more oxygen in an alveolus than in the blood around it, oxygen diffuses
a) from blood into the alveolus.
b) from capillaries into the veins
c) from alveoli into the blood.
d) from arteries into the capillaries.

A car is to gasoline as your body is to
a) stomach
b) enzyme
c) food
d) kidneys

Substances that are needed by the body for growth, repair, and maintenance are called
a) calories
b) ATP
c) enzymes
d) nutrients

Which of the following foods do NOT contain polysaccharides?
a) meat
b) crackers
c) potatoes
d) vegetables

The raw materials that the body needs for growth and repair come from
a) fats
b) proteins
c) carbohydrates
d) nucleic acids

What “food tube” carries food between the pharynx and the stomach?
a) small intestine
b) mouth
c) esophagus
d) rectum

Which of the following would NOT be found in the stomach?
a) mucus
b) pepsin
c) villi
d) hydrochloric acid

Proteins are polymers of
a) glycerol and fatty acids
b) amino acids
c) hydrochloric acids
d) monosaccharides

The Food Guide Pyramid advises a person to eat more
a) meat than grains
b) grains than meat
c) sweets than fats
d) meats than vegetables

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