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Molten rock that reaches Earth's surface is known as
a) quartz
b) crystal
c) magma
d) lava

Which of the following is an igneous rock?
a) limestone
b) gypsum
c) gneiss
d) basalt

Which texture describes an igneous rock with no grains at all?
a) Porphyritic
b) Vesicular
c) Phaneritic
d) Glassy

Which texture describes an igneous rock with lots of holes?
a) pyroclastic
b) porphyritic
c) vesicular
d) aphanitic

Molten rock that has cooled and become solid is
a) igneous rock
b) sedimentary rock
c) metamorphic rock
d) a fossil

Which is the most important in determining the size of mineral crystals in igneous rocks?
a) initial temperature of the magma
b) rate of cooling of the magma
c) silica content of the magma
d) total composition of the magma

Hot lava flows out of a crack in Earth's surface and cools to form
a) large, jagged crystals
b) small pools of magma
c) intrusive igneous rock
d) extrusive igneous rock

Intrusive igneous rocks can make long-lasting landforms because they tend to be
a) protected from wind and water
b) easily broken by wind and water
c) harder than other surrounding rock
d) softer than other surrounding rock

When classifying an igneous rock, scientists often determine its
a) silica content
b) crystal structure
c) extrusive size
d) intrusive size

An intrusive igneous rock is one that forms
a) when volcanoes erupt
b) from silica-rich magma
c) when magma cools within Earth
d) from lava on Earth's surface

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