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What´s the meaning of OVERPOPULATION
a) Too many people living in an area
b) All the people who live in the same country
c) Rich people of a determinated area
d) When something is used excessively and exhausted

Around how many people are there in the world?
a) 6,500 million people
b) 3,500 million people
c) 2,500 million people
d) 7,500 million people

Which continent is the most populated?
a) America
b) Europe
c) Africa
d) Asia

What kind of plan does consist of a central point from which streets radiate that form concentric circles?
a) Irregular plan
b) Radiocentric plan
c) Orthogonal plan
d) Regular plan

Which of the following terms refers to the number of years the average person in a country can expect to live
a) Population growth
b) Birth rate
c) Age
d) Life expectancy

What´s the name of the person arriving from another region or country to live and work
a) Inmigrant
b) Emigrant
c) Retired
d) Employee

What type of settlement is when population lives in separate houses?
a) Interspersed settlement
b) Nucleated settlement
c) Dispersed settlement
d) Linear settlement

An urban area that is away from the centre is a
a) Green zone
b) Suburban area
c) Residential area
d) Industrial area

Economic activities that obtain resources from nature are characteristics of
a) The primary sector
b) The tertiary sector
c) The secondary sector
d) The Naturalism movement

State of suffering or dying as a result of insufficient food (hunger) is known as
a) Starvation
b) Malnutrition
c) Undernutrition
d) Schooling

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