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A fee a patient pays for a medical service is called a ___.
a) co-payment
b) benefit limit
c) provision
d) exclusion

A statistical expert who collects and compiles data about life expectancy is called a(n) ___.
a) actuary
b) dependent
c) insurer
d) beneficiary

___ life insurance is renewed annually with yearly premium increases.
a) term
b) universal
c) whole
d) credit

___ life insurance is permanent and has fixed premiums, interest rates and cash value.
a) whole
b) universal
c) term
d) credit

___ life insurance is permanent with flexible premiums and interest rates.
a) universal
b) whole
c) term
d) credit

This insurance would cover the costs of physical repairs to a car damaged in an event other than an accident with another car.
a) comprehensive physical damage
b) bodily injury liability
c) property damage liability
d) collision insurance

Insurance coverage that enables you to get your own insurance company to pay your bills if you are in an accident with a motorist who has no insurance is called
a) uninsured/underinsured motorists protection
b) bodily injury liability
c) collision insurance
d) no-fault insurance

Insurance coverage that pays your medical bills as well as those of your passengers after an accident is called
a) medical payments coverage
b) no-fault insurance
c) bodily injury liability
d) comprehensive physical damage

This protects you from paying the full medical bills or legal bills for someone who is injured in an accident you caused.
a) bodily injury liability
b) medical payments coverage
c) no-fault insurance
d) comprehensive physical damage

____ insurance is for protection against lawsuits.
a) Liability
b) Disability
c) Property
d) Life

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