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When did the reconstruction period take place?
a) After the Revolutionary War
b) Before the slaves were freed
c) During the Civil War
d) After the Civil War

What does reconstruction mean?
a) to rebuild
b) to go to war
c) to return
d) to free the African Americans

All of the following were problems during reconstruction except-
a) The South had no money.
b) The South had to give their land to the North.
c) The banks were closed.
d) African Americans had no jobs.

Who helped the freed African Americans during the reconstruction period?
a) Martin Luther King, Jr.
b) Plantation owners
c) Factory Union Organizers
d) The Freedmen's Bureau

Why didn\'t the southern farmers have money after the civil war?
a) Their Dixie Dollars were no longer worth any money.
b) The African Americans spent it all while they were at war.
c) The banks closed and took the money from their customers.
d) The northern soldiers stole their money.

Why did the southern banks close after the war?
a) There were no men to run them.
b) The southern money had no value.
c) People were afraid of the banks.
d) The banks were burned by the North.

About how many African Americans were freed in the South?
a) hundreds
b) thousands
c) millions
d) none

All of the these things were needed by the freed African Americans except-
a) horses
b) jobs
c) food
d) housing

What was destroyed in the South by the war?
a) bridges, factories, and railroads
b) factories, grocery stores, and plantations
c) bridges, railroads, and crops
d) plantations, warehouses, factories

What is sharecropping?
a) A system where neighbors share their crops with each other
b) A policy that allows farmers to share a field to grow crops
c) A system of renting land to farm where the farmer pays with crops
d) A schedule set up by freed African Americans to work their fields

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