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The contents of the ____ section print once for each record in the table.
a) detail
b) layout
c) control
d) arrange

____ controls are used to display data that comes from the database.
a) Bound
b) Unbound
c) Calculated
d) Layout

If you format values in a column that satisfy some criterion differently than other values, it is called ____.
a) conditional formatting
b) bound formatting
c) unbound formatting
d) layout formatting

In ___ view, you can make additional layout changes by using the Arrange and.or Page Setup tabs.
a) layout
b) arrange
c) calculated
d) bound

The Arrange tab button called ___ ___ specifies the location of the information displayed within the control.
a) control margins
b) control tabular
c) control padding
d) none of these

The Arrange tab button called ___ removes the layout applied to the controls.
a) remove
b) control
c) tabular
d) layout

____ means creating separate collections of records sharing some common characteristic.
a) Grouping
b) Bound
c) Unbound
d) Layout

The contents of the ____ print once at the beginning of the report.
a) report header section
b) report footer section
c) summary header section
d) summary footer section

The ____ prints once at the bottom of each page, and often contains a date and page number.
a) page footer section
b) page header section
c) summary header section
d) summary footer section

A report that includes subtotals, but does not include the individual detail lines is called a _____.
a) summary report
b) header report
c) footer report
d) calculated report

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