Human Systems Review #3 Question Preview (ID: 1467)

Human Systems Review #3.

Which organ helps to regulate blood pressure?
a) kidney
b) spleen
c) liver
d) gall bladder

When an infection occurs, the number of
a) red blood cells increase
b) red blood cells decrease
c) white blood cells increase
d) white blood cells decrease

Which of the following is NOT a function of blood?
a) transport nutrients
b) regulate filtration
c) regulate body temperature
d) fight infection

Which of the following blood cells contain hemoglobin?
a) red blood cells
b) white blood cells
c) platelets
d) all of the above

Which body system collects the fluid that is lost by the blood and returns it to the circulatory system?
a) integumentary
b) nervous
c) lymphatic
d) respiratory

What is the term used to describe a swelling of the tissues due to the accumulation of excess fluid?
a) edema
b) hypertension
c) hemophilia
d) cartilage

The process by which oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged between cells, the blood, and air in the lungs is called
a) cellular respiration
b) respiration
c) circulation
d) ventricle

What structure serves as a passageway for both air and food?
a) pharynx
b) larynx
c) trachea
d) bronchus

Air is filtered, warmed, and moistened in the
a) lungs
b) trachea
c) ears
d) nose and mouth

Which of the following activities is the best analogy for respiration?
a) giving a gift
b) receiving a gift
c) exchanging gifts
d) sitting in a chair

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