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what school do you go to?
a) lchs
b) phs
c) ghs
d) mhs

what class is this?
a) french
b) english
c) math
d) spanish

what grade are you in
a) 12
b) 11
c) 9
d) 8

whats your teachers name?
a) traeger
b) calhoun
c) lee
d) sadler

where is your school?
a) pasadena
b) la canada
c) la crescenta
d) arcadia

what period is this
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 5

what time does school start?
a) 7:45
b) 9
c) 10
d) 5

whos in your group?
a) bob joe
b) kerry lisa
c) richi alfredo
d) haley madison colleen brie

a) gfd
b) dfg
c) fd
d) ds

a) gfdg
b) gdfg
c) gfd
d) gfd

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