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Canada is a _________________ because the legislature controls the power and elects its leader.
a) Autocracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Parliamentary Democracy
d) Presidential Democracy

Canada is a ______________ because it has its own constitution but still has loyalty to the queen.
a) Absolute Monarchy
b) Constitutional Monarchy
c) Dictatorship
d) Democracy

The position with the most power in Canadian politics is the _______________.
a) Governor General
b) Prime Minister
c) Queen
d) Senate

Canada is a ___________________ because power is divided between the central and provincial governments.
a) confederation
b) federation
c) oligarchic system
d) unitary system

Canada's legislative body is called ______________.
a) Assembly
b) Congress
c) House
d) Parliament

Which branch is the Queen in?
a) executive
b) judicial
c) legislative
d) no branch at all

Who choses the prime minister in Canada?
a) the governor general
b) the legislature
c) the people
d) the queen

The queen & governor general ______________________.
a) have the most power in Canada.
b) only have power over the legislature
c) only have power over the judicial branch
d) are only ceremonial leaders

How does the prime minister lose his position?
a) when the people vote him out
b) when the queen fires him
c) when he loses support of the majority of parliament
d) when he has served his term

True or False? Canadians have the same rights & freedoms as Americans.
a) false
b) true

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