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Employers are expected to make reasonable accommodations in work procedures, facilities, and equipment as part of the:
a) Americans with Disabilities Act
b) Age Discrimination in Employment Act
c) Civil Rights Act
d) Social Security Act

Ensuring effective communication and cooperation between management and employees is which human resources activity?
a) Performance Management
b) Employee Assistance
c) Employment
d) Employee Relations

Employee turnover is commonly calculated based either on the number of employees who leave their jobs in a company or on
a) the difference between the number of terminated employees and the number of new hires
b) the number of employees hired to replace employees who have left
c) the number of new job openings
d) the number of employees who are discharged and laid off

A fund to pay an income to workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own is
a) unemployment insurance
b) workers' compensation
c) social security
d) pension funds

The Equal Pay Act prohibits unequal pay for substantially the same work based on
a) race
b) gender
c) age
d) disability

Developing procedures and materials and educating managers and employees on the proper methods for evaluating and improving performance is which human resources activity?
a) Performance Management
b) Employment
c) Performance Improvement
d) Employee Relations

A layoff generally occurs because of
a) inappropriate work behavior
b) unsatisfactory job performance
c) changing business conditions
d) employee turnover

Whenever there are new job openings or job vacancies, the company should first turn to
a) discharged employees
b) job applicants on file
c) recent college graduates
d) current employees

The employee evaluation method called 360-degree feedback may include feedback from
a) customers
b) suppliers
c) the employee's peers
d) all of these

Human resources management includes all the following employee-related activities except
a) equipment purchasing
b) hiring
c) compensation
d) development

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