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Which one is NOT a cause of acid rain?
a) emissions from vehicles
b) emissions from heating & air systems
c) emissions from factories
d) emissions from coal burning plants

Which one is NOT a cause of pollution in the Great Lakes?
a) waste from industries
b) runoff with pollutants
c) deforestation
d) sewage treatment plants

Which one is NOT an effect of acid rain?
a) increase in insects
b) decrease in profits of vital industries
c) increase in number of trees dying
d) increase in dead plants/fish

Which provinces have the most acid rain?
a) Alberta & British Columbia
b) Yukon & Northwest Territories
c) Quebec & Ontario
d) Novia Scotia & Manitoba

The main use of rivers that cuases environmental issues is _______________.
a) fishing
b) transportation
c) shipping
d) hydroelectricity

Clearcutting results in what environmental issue?
a) acid rain
b) changes in the food chain
c) shoreline erosion
d) flooding & habitat disruption

Eutrophication is ________________________
a) a process of nutrient rich soil moving into rivers causing excessive plant growth.
b) a process of nutrient rich soil being removed along with the trees.
c) a process of nutrient rich soil moving into rivers causing poor growing conditions.
d) a process of nutrient rich soil washing downstream causing excessive plant growth.

Habitat loss is a result of ______.
a) mineral extraction
b) all of the above
c) clearcutting
d) production of hydroelectricity

The main body of water that has pollution issues is ___________.
a) Arctic Ocean
b) Great Lakes
c) Hudson Bay
d) St. Lawrence Seaway

It is the _____________ of natural resources that causes environmental issues.
a) extraction
b) use

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