Water Cycle/Clouds Test Question Preview (ID: 1466)

Review Game For The Water Cycle/clouds Test.

What is the temperature which the air must cool to be completely saturated (full)?
a) cloud point
b) condensation point
c) dew point
d) full point

What name would you give to a high altitude fluffy white cloud?
a) altostratus
b) cirrocumulus
c) cirrostratus
d) stratocumulus

What is the downward movement of water from the land surface into soil or porous rock?
a) infiltration
b) runoff
c) precipitation
d) condensation

Evaporation occurs when
a) clouds form.
b) the temperature gets cooler.
c) when liquid water changes into water vapor.
d) vapor cools and changes back into liquid droplets.

What does cumulus mean in Latin? (think cotton)
a) rainy
b) curl of hair
c) heap or pile
d) layers

What prefix/suffix can you add to a cloud to describe it as a cloud that might produce precipitation
a) strato/stratus
b) nimbo/nimbus
c) cumulo/cumulus
d) cirro/cirrus

What are clouds that form at high altitudes that look like curls of hair?
a) nimbus
b) cumulus
c) stratus
d) cirrus

What prefix would you use to characterize a cloud that is at a low altitude?
a) cirro
b) alto
c) strato
d) nimbo

Clouds form through the process of
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) infiltration
d) precipitation

Suppose that 1 m3 of water at 50В° can hold 40 grams of water. The actual amount of water that is in the air at 50В° is 20 grams of water. What is the percent relative humidity?
a) 50%
b) 20%
c) 80%
d) 40%

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