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Any condition that can be changed in an experiment is called a variable. Which of these best explains why there should only be one variable changed in an experiment?
a) to get results from the experiment faster
b) to make the experiment easier to perform
c) to allow people to know what caused the observed results
d) to reduce the chance of mistakes when doing the experiment

A force of 15 newtons is exerted on an object causing it to accelerate at 5 meters per second squared. What is the mass of the object?
a) 3 kilograms
b) 10 kilograms
c) 20 kilograms
d) 75 kilograms

An atoms of helium has two protons and a change of zero. How many electrons does an atoms of helium have?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4

Which of these describes the location of the neutrons in an atom?
a) in the center of the atom
b) orbiting the center of the atom
c) distributed evenly throughout the atom
d) scattered randomly throughout the atom

Which of these statements about ions is true?
a) ions are uncharged atoms that have lost or gained a neutron
b) ions are uncharged atoms that have lost or gained an electron
c) ions are electrically charged atoms that have lost or gained an electron
d) ions are electrically charged atoms that have lost or gained an neutron

Which of these statements best describes the law of conservation of mass proposed by Antoine Lavoisier?
a) Energy occurs in discrete amounts
b) Matter can not be created or destroyed
c) Energy can not be created or destroyed
d) Atoms combine in fixed ratios to form compounds

Which of these types of reactions absorbs heat from the surroundings?
a) combustion
b) endothermic
c) exothermic
d) neutralization

Maria wants to find the density of a mineral sample. Which of these pairs of properties will she need to measure to determine the density?
a) mass and volume
b) mass and hardness
c) temperatures and volume
d) temperature and hardness

Which type of energy does a skateboarder have before rolling down a ramp?
a) kinetic energy of motion
b) kinetic energy of position
c) potential energy of motion
d) potential energy of position

Which of these properties can be used to classify the different types of radiation given off by the sun?
a) amplitude
b) pitch
c) speed
d) wavelength

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