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The "new slide" button is located under which tab?
a) home
b) insert
c) view
d) slide show

effects that occur when one slide changes to another
a) transitions
b) animations
c) view
d) slide sorter

Which part of the powerpoint screen helps the user remember items as they give a presentation
a) notes pane
b) slide tab
c) outline tab
d) slide pane

which of the following tabs show just the text of a presentation?
a) outline tab
b) slide tab
c) review
d) insert

title, title and content, comparison, and section header are all what?
a) slide layouts
b) slide master
c) tabs
d) animations

A slide template that is used throughout your presentation to create a consistent look and feel
a) slide master
b) thigh master
c) ab shaper
d) slim trimmer

Which tab allows you to use the slide master?
a) view
b) home
c) slide show
d) transitions

predefined areas in a slide layout where you enter text, graphic, video, etc…
a) placeholder
b) text box
c) text slot
d) content control

When presenting, text should be kept to a minimum
a) true
b) false

to insert a world outline as a presentation, which button would you use?
a) new slide
b) animation pane
c) insert file
d) outline

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