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What were the two leaders who ruled over Rome for one year called?
a) Quaestors
b) Praetors
c) Consuls
d) Aediles

How many quaestors were elected at one time?
a) 20
b) 2
c) 12
d) 16

What was the role of the 16 aediles?
a) To give financial assistance to generals and governors
b) To maintain the city of Rome and hold public games
c) To command the armies and govern provinces
d) To conduct a census every five years

How long did a dictator hold power in times of emergencies?
a) 6 months
b) 12 months
c) 1 year
d) 5 months

Which of the following was a job done by censors?
a) Hand out licenses
b) Censorship writings that condemned the government or the republic
c) Hand out incense to citizens during religious festivals
d) Conduct a census every five years

What are the similarities between the eight praetors and two consuls?
a) Both ran the law courts
b) Both commanded armies and governed provinces
c) Both could elect a dictator during emergencies for a period of six months
d) Both could not elect a dictator during emergencies for a period of six months

Who could become a censor?
a) Only praetors and consuls
b) Only praetors
c) Only consuls
d) Anybody could become a censor

Who could become a tribune?
a) Plebians and Patricians
b) Plebians
c) Praetors
d) Patricians

Who consisted of the Senate?
a) 200 wealthy men and women
b) 300 wealthy men
c) 300 poor men
d) 200 wealthy men

What powers did the Senate have?
a) Managed foreign policy, controlled money and proposed (and could pass) laws
b) Managed the food supply, represented the plebians and proposed (and could pass) laws
c) Managed foreign policy, the food supply and represented the plebians
d) Managed foreign policy, controlled money and proposed (but could not pass) laws

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