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___________________________ help animals survive by giving special coloration or defensive or offensive body tools.
a) Physical adaptations
b) Behavioral adaptations
c) Migrations
d) Physical changes

________________________ allow animals to respond (take action) to meet life needs.
a) Camouflage
b) Physical changes
c) Behavioral adaptations
d) Physical adaptations

Some animals go into a deep winter sleep in which their body activities slow down and they can live off of stored food including groundhogs and gophers. This is called _________.
a) migration
b) mimicry
c) hibernation
d) camouflage

Caribou and Canadian geese go on a long-distance journey to another place as seasons change. This is called _____________.
a) hibernation
b) migration
c) mimicry
d) camouflage

Many animals have the physcal adaptation of _________ to blend in to their surroundings.
a) camouflage
b) migration
c) mimicry
d) behaviorl adaptation

The viceroy butterfly copies the monarch butterfly so that it does not get eaten. Many animals use the adaptation of ____________ to survive.
a) play dead
b) venom
c) mimicry
d) migration

A spider knows hot to build its web when it is born. This is an example of how many animals are born knowing how to do certain skills to survive. This is called ________.
a) instict
b) antlers
c) learned behavior
d) mimicry

Some behaviors needed to survive must be learned from adult animals such as a bear cub learning to hunt. We call this a _______________.
a) hooves
b) instict
c) learned behavior
d) predator

Many animals have physical adaptions that include venom, special skin, antlers, and claws. They use these to stay safe. These are types of ___________.
a) defenses
b) predators
c) migrations
d) instincts

Animals need special tools or skills to hunt or gather food, defend themselves, or rear young. All of these together are
a) learned behaviors
b) instincts
c) hibernations
d) adaptations

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