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Which of these simple machines includes a stiff bar moving on a fulcrum?
a) wheel and axle
b) lever
c) wedge
d) inclined plane

Knives, axes, and scissors are all examples of which type of simple machine?
a) pulleys
b) levers
c) screws
d) wedges

A pulley includes a rope or chain moving around a wheel. Which of these includes a pulley?
a) bicycle wheel
b) ramp
c) flagpole
d) doorknob

Which answer choice includes only inclined planes?
a) moving ramp and hill
b) doorstop and wheelchair ramp
c) water well and broom
d) sliding board and seesaw

Why is a wheel and axle a useful simple machine?
a) It makes objects lighter.
b) It makes objects heavier.
c) It makes it easier to move objects from one place to another.
d) It makes it harder to move objects.

Screws attach or separate materials because it is a (an)____________ wrapped around a pole..
a) inclined plane
b) lever
c) pulley
d) wheel and axle

Which of these is a screw?
a) doorknob
b) jar lid
c) knife
d) rake

Which of these answer choices include only levers?
a) scissors, ramp, screw
b) stairs, door hinge, pencil sharpener
c) broom, seesaw, shovel
d) baseball bat, can opener, light switch

More than one simple machine put together is called a __________________.
a) broken machine
b) multi-part machine
c) big machine
d) compound machine

Which of these would be a compound machine?
a) drill
b) mop
c) ramp
d) scissors

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