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What was unusual about Marty\'s Sunday dinner?
a) Marty\'s mother burnt the chicken.
b) Marty ate waffles with syrup and liver pudding.
c) Marty had to check his meat for buckshot.
d) Marty ate his meal in the living room.

Marty liked to _____________ after meals.
a) walk
b) play outside
c) watch TV
d) sleep

What does Marty take with him on his walk?
a) his rifle
b) his bow and arrows
c) his sister
d) his dog

What does Marty find as he is walking?
a) a dollar
b) a hurt squirrel
c) a four leaf clover
d) a beagle

Why did Marty choose to name the beagle Shiloh?
a) Marty\'s first dog was named Shiloh.
b) Marty had read a story about a dog named Shiloh.
c) Marty first saw the beagle near the bridge in Shiloh.
d) Marty\'s grandfather was named Shiloh.

Marty ___________ to get the beagle to trust him.
a) whistles
b) passes out candy
c) sits quietly
d) pats the dog's head

Why has Marty never had a pet?
a) Marty's family was too poor to feed a pet.
b) Marty is allergic to animals.
c) Marty never wanted a pet.
d) Marty's house was too small for a pet.

Marty gives Shiloh ______________ to eat.
a) bread and milk
b) rabbit meat
c) a hen's egg
d) a ham biscuit

How does Shiloh behave when Marty and his dad take him back to Judd's house?
a) playful
b) excited
c) scared
d) happy

What did Judd do when Marty and his dad returned the dog?
a) Judd gave Marty and his dad a puppy.
b) Judd hugged Marty.
c) Judd gave Marty and his dad a reward.
d) Judd kicked the beagle.

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