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HIPAA rules require that certain diseases must be reported by law to protect the public. Which of the following diseases would fall into the category of reportable diseases?
a) Diabetes
b) Syphilis
c) Gastroenteritis
d) Multiple Sclerosis

What does the P in HIPAA stand for?
a) Patient
b) Protection
c) Privacy
d) Portability

A physician's office asks a new patient to sign a HIPAA?
a) To inform patients of their privacy rights under HIPAA.
b) To grant permission for the office to release information to insurance companies.
c) To allow office associates to access the patient's records.
d) To protect the office from being charged with invasion of privacy.

Which of the following as an example of a legal directive?
a) An operative consent form
b) A HIPPA Authorization form
c) Living will
d) Malpractice

Fred is 89 and would like to make plans for his medical future, what would he have to do to designate his son to make decisions on his behalf?
a) Living will
b) DNR request
c) HIPAA Authorization Form
d) Durable Power of Attorney

What does the Patient Self Determination Act require health facilities to do?
a) Safeguard confidential patient information
b) Inform patients of their right to make decisions regarding their right-to-die
c) Give patient the option of negotiating healthcare costs.
d) Provide patients with written information about costs before they consent to procedures.

When should a hospital employee file a grievance?
a) When he/she believes another healthcare worker is making sexual advances
b) When he/she is scheduled to work on a day that he/she had previously requested to be off.
c) When multiple attempts to resolve the issue have been ignored.
d) When the problem involves his/her immediate supervisor

Mr. Allen's daughter, Mary, has durable power of attorney for him, if Mr. Allen\'s doctor recommends surgery for Mr. Allen who must sign the permission form?
a) Mr. Allen
b) Mary
c) The Doctor
d) Mrs. Allen

Does a hospitalized patient have the right to refuse to have blood drawn?
a) Yes, but only if the doctor agrees.
b) Yes. Patients have the right to refuse treatment
c) No. A hospitalized patient must comply with the physician's orders.
d) No, because the refusal of treatment is a HIPAA violation.

A physician writes a DNR order on a patient\'s chart. DNR is the medical abbreviation for:
a) Do not resuscitate
b) Doctor's normal request
c) Durable negotiated rights
d) Designated nurse responder

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