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The Fair Labor Standards Act...
a) Prohibits the amount of overtime an employee can work.
b) States that employees can regulate their own schedules.
c) Does not prohibit employers from forcing employees to complete overtime.

Mandatory overtime promotes nurse retention and job stability.
a) True
b) False

What is the maximum amount of hours that most employers will allow a nurse to work in one 24 hour shift?
a) 24
b) 16
c) 12
d) 8

Delaware is one state that has banned mandatory overtime for nurses.
a) True
b) False

How many states have restrictions on mandatory overtime?
a) 4
b) 32
c) 16
d) 47

Mandatory overtime is a...
a) Way to increase revenue for medical facitlities
b) Patient safety issue
c) Needed and necessary component of healthcare
d) Benefit to nurses who need additional income

Which state has banned mandatory overtime for nurses?
a) Delaware
b) Iowa
c) Florida
d) Pennsylvania

The mandatory amount of hours a nurse can work in a 24-hour shift is based on?
a) State law
b) Doctors preference
c) Personal preference
d) Organizational Protocol

Which of the below organizations is one of the biggest supportors of the Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act of 2010?
a) ANA
c) AMA
d) Red Cross

In the article entitled "ANA applauds Introduction of Mandatory Overtime Legislation" which of the below statements is most true?
a) Remove any exceptions in the case of a declared national, state or local emergency. Such an emergency would be in response to
b) Require that nurses work mandatory overtime with the possibility of termination for not completing mandatory overtime.
c) In no instance could a nurse be required to work more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period or for more than 80 hours in a two-we
d) Provide for a study by the Department of Defense on the maximum number of hours that may be worked by a nurse without comprom

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