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Where would find an anaerobic microorganism
a) on a toilet seat
b) in the soil
c) in the air
d) in sterile water

what statement about bacteria is true
a) All bacteria are harmful
b) All bacteria are round
c) All bacteria reproduce inside other living cells
d) All bacteria are single- celled organisms

A patient\'s sore throat is caused by a streptococcsu. How would it be treated
a) Anitibiotic Medication
b) Antifungal gargle
c) antiviral throat wash
d) There is no treatment for streptococcus

A man died from an infection caused by a rickettsiae. The infecetion was MOST LIKELY transimitted by:
a) Walking barefoot in a locker room
b) A blood transfusion
c) The bite of a tick
d) Breathing in contaminated air.

What organism can only be seen with an electron microscopeq
a) Virus
b) Protozoa
c) Bacteria
d) Fungus

Beth has a nosocomial infrection. How did she get it?
a) Hiking in the woods
b) Having a massage at a hotel spa
c) eating contaminated food
d) Spending three days in the hospital

All pathogens are
a) Animal-like
b) Disease- producing
c) Destroyed by anitibotics
d) Transmitted by insects

Tuberculosis is caused by a tubercle bacillus, which is a/an
a) Virus
b) Protozoa
c) Bacteria
d) Fungus

Albert has a yeast infection under his arm. It should be treated with a/an
a) Antifungal cream
b) Antitibiotic ointment
c) Vaccination
d) Hot compress

An infection that develops when the body's normal defenses are noth working properly is a/an
a) Mutant infection
b) Nonpathogenic infection
c) Opportunistic infection
d) Recessive infection

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