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Which is an example of metaphor?
a) He is as stupid as a duck.
b) Bang, smash, whoop!
c) The trees danced in the hurricane.
d) She is a swan, graceful and fluid on the ice.

Which is an example of allusion?
a) The stars shined like jewels in the night sky.
b) The WWII soldier imagined himself on the fields of Troy, long ago.
c) He smells like a dog
d) The cat sat on a rat.

Which is an example of simile?
a) His room smelled like a garbage pit.
b) He was a snail, inching to the finish line.
c) Crash, drip, splat!
d) The flower smiled.

Which is an example of personification?
a) The man swayed like a tree.
b) The donut smiled to be enjoyed so much.
c) He's as lame as a sick donkey.
d) I like pie. Why?

Which is an example of onomatopoeia?
a) Bam, boom, bing!
b) Zebras eat beets.
c) The cat cried and cried.
d) The legend ate grapes.

Which is an example of hyperbole?
a) He's like a snake.
b) Whoosh!
c) I had a million hours of homework.
d) She ate the steak.

Which is an example of assonance?
a) I liked lucky lemons.
b) The bad boy brought books.
c) She zoomed like a car
d) The cat ran haphazardly.

Which is an example of alliteration?
a) What a pig he is!
b) Ten toys tore through the store.
c) Simile is like ice cream.
d) Ka-thump!

Which term(s) is/are represented in this statement: he fought like Achilles.
a) alliteration
b) metaphor
c) assonance
d) allusion

Which term(s) is/are represented in this statement: She has the wisdom of ten thousand Athenas.
a) allusion
b) alliteration
c) hyperbole
d) metaphor

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