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Which word means to split something into pieces?
a) board
b) boiled buffalo
c) brake
d) break

Which word means to lose interest in something?
a) being bored
b) being animated
c) being blurred
d) being board

Which word can stop a car in motion?
a) past
b) brake
c) break
d) pasttime

Please don't hit me over the head with this . . .
a) break
b) bored
c) board
d) hear

I am going the store. Please come with me because I am so scared!
a) two
b) to
c) too
d) from

It was way . . . hot in the store. He had to leave before he melted.
a) tow
b) two
c) to
d) too

You only have . . . seconds before a tomato splats you on the head.
a) ice crea
b) break
c) two
d) miles of

I have ... of cookies with snail skin. They are so yummy!
a) allot
b) few
c) short
d) a lot

I will . . . you twenty dollars for the cotton candy purchase.
a) a lot
b) allot
c) break
d) brake

How many pizzas are on the roof?
a) a lot!
b) allot!
c) hamburger!
d) cupcake!

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