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A type of bond in which two atoms share a pair of valence electrons
a) covalence
b) molecule
c) metallic
d) ionic

The elements most likely to form more than one type of ion are the
a) halogens
b) transition metal
c) alkaline earth metal
d) alkali metals

A neutral group of atoms that are joined together by one or more covalent bonds.
a) ionic compound
b) cation
c) molecule
d) polyatomic ion

Which of the following is a typical property of an ionic compound?
a) low melting point
b) tendency to shatter when struck
c) poor conductor of electric current when melted
d) not ductile

Which of the following groups contain three elements with stable electron configuration?
a) lithium, krypton, argon
b) xenon, neon,boron
c) argon, neon,barium
d) helium, xenon, argon

Which of the following compounds does NOT contain molecules?
a) H2
b) H2O
c) MgCl2
d) CO2

The formation of an ionic bond involves the
a) transfer of electrons
b) sharing of electrons
c) transfer of protons
d) transfer of neutrons

Nitrogen has five valence electrons. How many pairs of electrons must two nitrogen atoms share in order for each atom to have eight valence electrons?
a) zero
b) three
c) two
d) one

A compound composed of electrically charged atoms is called a(n)
a) octet compound.
b) covalent compound.
c) ionic compound.
d) chemically stable compound.

The octet rule says
a) atoms become less stable with eight electrons in their outer energy level.
b) atoms will become more reactive and chemically bond with noble gases.
c) atoms will change their configurations and become a noble gas.
d) atoms become more stable with eight electrons in their outer energy level.

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