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What does ebargo, tariff, and quotas all have in common.
a) These are types of economies.
b) These are types of religions.
c) These are types of trade barriers.
d) These are types of geographic skilss

This type of political leader is a religious leader as well. The laws of the country are based on a particular religion.
a) autocracy
b) theocracy
c) oligarchy
d) federal

What characteristic does ALL religious groups have?
a) They all share the same system of beliefs.
b) They all speak the same language.
c) They are always from the same ethnic groups.
d) They all do not eat pork.

Shia and Sunni Islam were both founded because of
a) disputes over who would succeed Muhammad as head of the faith.
b) invasions by European Crusaders trying to retake the Holy Land.
c) the quest to control trade routes between Arabia and China.
d) the failure to win wars against Hindu armies from the East

A hopeful sign for the future of Africa is its rising literacy rate. Why is
a) It increases the life span of citizens
b) It increases the skill level of the human capital.
c) It increases the number of citizens living in a country.
d) It increases the amount of money the country can borrow from Western nations.

Why has conflict and civil war occurred in many African nations after independence?
a) Colonial powers tried to reestablish colonies.
b) Many leaders in Africa supported Communism
c) European powers set artificial political boundaries
d) Some African leaders tried to conquer all of Africa.

In 1948, the United Nations divided the land of Palestine between Arabs and Hews. Which nation was created by this action?
a) Syria
b) Israel
c) Egypt
d) Jordan

How did Mohandas Gandhi challenge British rule in India?
a) He encouraged war with Britain
b) He resisted with nonviolent protest
c) He punished all Indians resistant to change.
d) He bathed in the Ganges River to purify himself.

The United States sent armed forces to support south Vietnam during the 1960s and early 1970s in an attempt to
a) expand new markets for trade throughout Southeast Asia.
b) preserve religious freedom in south Vietnam
c) introduce modern technology to south Vietnam
d) prevent the expansion of communism throughout Vietnam.

What was one effect the end of apartheid had on South Africa's political system?
a) Black South Africans were allowed to vote and hold office.
b) White South Africans were allowed to vote and hold office.
c) Black South Africans were not allowed to vote.
d) White South Africans were not allowed to vote

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